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Becoming a Pilot

For information on education qualifications, requirements, the different licence types, selecting a training organisation and much more see our page on Becoming a Pilot.

Flying Start Packages

Flying Start Packages are a great way to get yourself into the flying seat. An all inclusive package of everything you need to get started. That's why they're called Flying Start Packages.

Fixed Wing

Courses offered by The Aviation Training Professionals include:

The demand for helicopter pilots world-wide is at an all time high at present due to a number of factors. Find out more here.



This has got to be about the closest thing you will ever get to being as free as a bird. Imagine effortlessly discovering the world around you in peace and tranquillity, with only the murmur of the wind humming it’s ancient rhapsody. Gliding truly offers you a way to elevate your spirits, well above the madding crowd. The feeling of vertical removal from the everyday stresses is one that you really have to experience for yourself.


Ultra Light

Email us for more information.



Email us for more information.


Training to suit your specific needs can be arranged.


There are a number of requirements that must be met for both Commercial and Private Pilots licenses. This table provides a review of each type of flight training.


Captains & Kings

Ever wondered how people get a start in the aviation industry and how they progressed from one job to another ?

Captains & Kings gives you biographies of a few people in the aviation industry. See how they got to where they are today.

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