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Flight Training - Helicopter

The demand for helicopter pilots world-wide is at an all time high at present due to a number of factors.

This training course includes theory and flying components which will take you from zero to a Private or Commercial Pilot licence as you desire. There are a number of venues around Australia and New Zealand at which the training can be undertaken through our list of licensed Civil Aviation Authority screened providers.You may wish to obtain a Private or Commercial fixed wing licence also, which can be integrated into your course.

A certain amount of fixed wing flight time and theory passes can be accredited toward a helicopter licence. Fixed wing flight time is considerably cheaper than is helicopter time, which is a double advantage, in that the total training package cost is lower. Theory course subjects that are applicable to both fixed wing and helicopter are presented in the form of a single interactive CD ROM. The helicopter portions of the theory are normally undertaken through a conventional paper copy correspondence course.

Helicopter training is normally undertaken in either a Robinson R22, or a Schweizer 300. These have proved to be excellent training platforms, and are the standard trainers in the world today. Advanced training can be supplied on helicopters such as the Bell 206 Jetranger. Advanced helicopters are turbine powered rather than reciprocating piston types as fitted to the R22.

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In order to supply you with more facts, please E-Mail us with the information below, and one of our staff members will contact you to personally assist.

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