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Air Transport Intelligence

Supposedly this database holds the advertisements from Flight International and Airline Business. See the tip under Flight International for ways to get the best results.

Flight International

Tips: If you want to find all of the flight deck positions for a particular region, select a region and a job function (e.g. UK and Flight Deck), then press search without typing in any keywords.

If you want to find out all of the flight deck jobs in all of the regions, select all of the regions (by holding down the left mouse button) and then selecting Flight Deck. Then press search without typing in any keywords.

In this way you can also search all of the jobs in the world by selecting all of the regions and all of the job functions.

Aviation Jobs Online

A US site which you must subscribe to. You'll get to hate the pop-up window telling you how good they are.

European Jobs

Links to European jobs thanks to Danish Pilot. Click on "Pilot Jobs" under the European Pilot links section.


Last Modified on: 24/01/14

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