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Command Instrument Rating Training

One of the minimum requirements for Airline Entry is a Command Instrument Rating (CIR). The CIR enables you to fly through IMC (cloud) conditions. It is also useful for the Private Pilot who wants the added reliablilty of being able to get to their destination in weather that leaves the VFR pilot grounded.

The Course has been specifically designed to utilise the excellent teaching and consolidation capabilities of the simulator as a preparatory step to flying the aircraft. This means that all required procedures can be safely taught and practised to the required standard in the simulator before using the actual aircraft, therefore, while safety and learning is enhanced, the cost is reduced.

It is also possible to include your initial multi-engine endorsement during the instrument rating. The average cost of a Command Instrument Rating, including your initial multi-engine endorsement is $7500. This will include approximatly 17 hours simulator and 20 hours aircraft time. 

Instrument Rating (IREX) Theory

We are also able to offer a fulltime Instrument Rating Theory (IREX) course and a three day refresher course.

The fulltime course runs for two weeks and covers all syllabus topics for the IREX exam. You need to have passed this exam prior to sitting your Instrument Rating Flight test.

The three day refresher course is designed for those who have self studied for the IREX exam and would like a course that runs over some of the more difficult aspects and those who just want to brush up on their theory.

IREX Review Course Topic List

  • Privileges and Limitations of CIR
  • Recency Requirements
  • Forecasts - Interpretation
  • Operational Requirements
  • Alternate Requirements
  • Take off Minima
  • En-Route Minima
  • Rules for Descent below LSALT/MSA
  • Visual Approach Requirements
  • IFR Navigation Requirements
  • IAL Charts
  • Old vs New
  • Max IAS
  • Circling Area Dimensions/Obstacle Clearance
  • Precision/Non-Precision
  • Sector Entries
  • Holding Patterns
  • Approach/Descent Requirements
  • Visual Circling
  • Circuit Requirements
  • DME/GPS Arrival
  • Navaids
  • Orientation NDB/VOR
  • Drift FPT/TMG/Track error
  • 1:60
  • Abeam Position
  • Intercepts
  • Met
  • Icing
  • Thunderstorms
  • Turbulence
  • Microburst

For more details about the Command Instrument Rating ir IREX theory please email us.




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