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Hello and welcome to!!

We have opened this business as Australia is arguably the best place in the world to learn to fly due to its' uncluttered air space, glorious weather, friendly people and our excellent safety record. Also the present $ value against $US and GBP makes it excellent value. will be different from other web sites, which are basically isolated directories, similar to electronic yellow pages.  They tend to be expensive advertisements and are badly marketed, hard to find and uninteresting when you finally get there. These have proven to be of little value in attracting customers largely because they have narrow audience appeal, are dull, un-informative, and do not change from day to day.

Content at will be constantly changing, with features that keep people returning time after time. Such features include daily aviation weather access, links to BASI, PPRune, aircraft manufacturers and CASA.

Also ongoing services such as training editorials, practice pilot exams, aviation quizzes and the like. will be a portal ie. the one site you can go to for all your aviation needs and will offer any and all services to aviation eg.

  • equipment purchases,
  • aircraft rental,
  • weather, training,
  • links to related sites,
  • jokes,
  • employment,
  • insurance,
  • limousine hire,
  • aviation law,
  • accountancy,
  • finance, etc.

Emphasis is placed on the use of electronic commerce (E-commerce) to make ordering of services easy for the customer and providers. E-commerce is set for a massive expansion with the soon to be introduced "Web TV", which is where you can access the Internet through your television and remote controller – no computer or computer literacy skills required. Already, you can order such things as groceries via Internet. will also be a valuable tool to put interested parties in touch with other quality organisations depending on their needs. advantages:

This site will develop to the point where you can find whatever product or equipment you need, order it on your computer, pay for it using credit cards and Internet banking, receive confirmation of your order and have the goods on your doorstep within one or two days or your booking for aircraft rental or training confirmed.

In the meantime please e-mail us with your requests and we will do our best to look after your aviation needs.

enquiries @

Please bookmark us as a favourite site ( and visit us often to see our rapid expansion and view our specials, what's new, etc sections.

Look forward to your visits.

Robert Melia
Projects Manager

Last Modified on: 24/01/14

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