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Aviation Related Links

AirServices Australia

Approved Boeing Link

Includes movies, virtual reality tours, images and screen savers in their images gallery.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Bureau of Air Safety Investigation (BASI)

Professional Pilots Rumour Network
An excellent site. The forums are great for finding out the latest gossip (or starting some of your own). Beware - some journalists apparently use this forum for fishing expeditions.

Explorer Aircraft Inc.


United Space Alliance

Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS)

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn (AOPA)


Jandakot Tower
The "did ya hear" section has a great selection of quotes that I'm sure you or I would never make on the air.

Virtual Cockpit Tours : FA 18, 777, MD-80

Airline Links
Links to about 30 airline sites (mostly US)

Airshow action photo gallery
An excellent airshow photo gallery. Takes a while to load but it's worth it. Check out the Action photo for 1998

Incredible site. Lousy name. This guy has 100's of aviation links.

Aviation Animation
Superb aviation animation and sounds site. A must see.

The Ultimate Crash Site
A morbid yet interesting site. Check out the animations combining CVR and FDR readings.

F-111 Aardvark
For all you F-111 fans out there.

Aviation Internet Resources
Good search engine for better known aircraft photos/specifications and aviation related websites. News service but you have to subscribe.

Home page for Airbus Industrie. Has a couple of Virtual Reality tours (You need to have Quick Time but you can download it from this site).

Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia
For all you rag and tube fans.

Aviation Aspirations
Supposed to be a site that offers flying training information (e.g. schools, medicals, accommodation, financial aid) for the world, but at this stage is primarily UK, US and South African.

Aviation Consumer Action Project
This group founded years ago by Ralph Nader (American consumer protection champion). Advocates for safe air travel, competitive fares, etc. Interesting information, but you need to join to get to the real meaty stuff.

Thirty Thousand Feet
A decent US website with a small amount of international information.

Airline Dispatchers Weather Briefing
An excellent US weather site

Aviation Master Resource Directory
List of aviation related links. Average.

Aviation Quotes Site by Dave English
Excellent collection of aviation quotations.

Aviation Companies
A list of aviation websites from all over the globe. Some good ones, but fairly average looking.

B-17 Flying Fortress - A Virtual Tour
Fantastic interior and exterior Quicktime virtual tours of the B-17.

EFIS Aviation specialises in a variety of solutions for both job seekers and employers Australia wide.

Flight International Magazine
For a link and hints about the jobs section of Flight International, see our international employment area.

Golden Ghosts
Aircraft Recognition charts that
are reproductions of a type first issued by the U.S. Military during WWII

Home page of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

KLMuk Recruitment
Official page for pilot recruitment with links to other recruitment (cabin crew, ground support, etc).

An Unofficial Emirates Recruitment Page
Good info from someone who appears in the know. But then again...??

The Aussie Pilots Guide

Totavia Image Collection
A large range of professional aviation photographs

Aer Lingus

Air Canada

Cathay Pacific

Continental Airlines


Hawaiian Airlines

Japan Airlines

Northwest Airlines


South African


Thai Airways


US Airways

United Airlines

Yugoslav Airlines

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